1. What’s the difference between Leasey and going to my local car dealer?
Leasey shops your dream car with hundreds of dealers across the nation without you having to leave your house. We make it convenient by saving you the time and hassle of haggling with your local dealer trying to get the lowest price.
2. Does Leasey price match?
In the rare occurence where a dealer provides a more competitive price than Leasey, we should be able to price match that deal. Our passion is to help people get the car of their dreams at the right price, even if it's not with us
3. Does Leasey offer new and certified pre-owned cars?
New cars only
4. The car i’m looking for is not available on Leasey, what should I do?
Contact us at contact@leaseyapp.com and we'll see how we can help.
5. Can I submit an inquiry for more than one car in a day?
6. Why do I have to wait for a quote?
We want to get you the best possible price which requires us reaching our contacts. This can take up to 24 hours.
7. Once i’m provided a quote, how long is that offer valid for?
Until the end of the calendar month in which you recieved the quote.
8. Will i receive multiple calls after submitting my information?
We will attempt to reach you once you are interested in a vehicle. We do not give your information to the dealer unless you're ready to close the deal.
9. What car brands are available through Leasey?
The contacts we work have partnerships with dealerships across the nation. Please check our iOS or Android mobile apps for an updated list.


10. When I register with Leasey or search for cars, does it affect my credit score?
No. We do not pull credit. We leave that up to the dealers.
11. Do I need a minimum credit score to use Leasey?
No. We simply facilitate the deal between you and the car dealer.
12. How many times will my credit be pulled?
Each car manufacturer will pull your credit and obtain your credit profile to determine your eligibility.
13.Will dealerships be able to see my contact information?
14. Can Leasey negotiate with my local dealer on my behalf?
No. Currently we do not offer that service.


15. Which bank will be financing my lease?
The manufacturer's bank. For example, BMW Financial Services will finance the lease of a BMW.
16. Does Leasy charge any additional fees?
No, we don't believe in fees.
17. How much money do I need to put down as a deposit?
Leasey customizes each quote based on the consumers structure for each deal.
18. CIf I prefer to put more money down at lease signing, can I?
Yes. The more money you put down, we'll lower your payment.
19. If the dealer is located in a different state, which state’s sales taxes do I pay?
You will pay taxes based on the state where you register your vehicle.
20. I've selected an offer. What are my next steps?
Leasey will contact you and facilitate the transaction with the car dealership participating in the deal.
21. Can Leasey ship my car internationally?
Due to federal laws, this is not possible.
22. How long are shipping times?
Shipping times are based on the pickup and drop-off locations. Once Leasey obtains that information, we will immediately forward it to you.
23. How much is shipping if my car is out of state?
Nothing! Shipping is on us.


24. Where is my information stored?
On Amazon's encrypted secure server.
25. How is my information shared?
Leasey does not share your information with third parties unless you authorize us to do so. If you are interested in leasing a vehicle through us, Leasey will contact you and connect you with the dealer who has approved your offer.
26. Why do you need my social security number?