No haggle, no hassle.

Let’s face it, getting a great deal on a car lease is a tedious and tricky process. People spend days or weeks haggling with dealers and end up paying different prices on the same exact car due to inconsistent pricing. Leasey aims to solve these problems by utilizing its extensive network of dealerships to get you the best possible price on your lease.

Car Leasing Made Easy

Select your car, features and lease options. We’ll take care of the rest.

Insider Pricing

No negotiation necessary. Leasey will deliver the best possible price on your behalf.

Dealership to Doorstep

We search nationwide to find your dream car at the right price and ship it directly to your doorstep.

The Leasey Way

Monthly Deals

Every month we search nationwide for the best deals on the hottest cars and list them in the app.


We’ll deliver you our best quote based on selected options such as lease term and miles per year.

Push Notifications

Stay up to date by receiving real-time quotes and deal updates.

Need More Info?

Check out our FAQ with answers to most of your questions.